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Are you an absent-minded person? Thanks to incredible technological advances, this smart wallet keeps an eye on your money and cards to keep them safe.

Smart wallet
The best ally against absent-mindedness - a quick and easy way to find your wallet!
Stylish and functional
Slim, elegant and compact design, but with plenty of space.
Suitable and designed for both women and men.

About Tagimal Wallet

You will never lose your wallet again! Made of synthetic leather, it includes a locator, is resistant to wear and tear, very comfortable and fits perfectly in bags and pockets.
  • Very easy to use: Just place the locator in the case and close the snap button. From then on you can track your wallet via the app on your mobile phone.
  • Small size, but with a large capacity to store all kinds of cards, banknotes...
  • There is a keyring compatible with the tracking device so you can find your keys if you have lost them or don't remember where you left them.
Don't lose yours!

Main advantages:

Find your wallet with ease
The smart wallet that keeps your money and cards safe.
Locator included
Unlike other models, the locator device included with this wallet is compatible with both iOS and Android.
Large capacity:
Compact size, but with large capacity to hold up to 5 cards and several banknotes. Free Smart Finder and key ring included.
Very easy to use
It is as easy as placing the locator in the wallet case and closing the snap button. From then on you can see the location via the application on your mobile phone.
Quality materials
This wallet is made of high quality materials and has a slim, stylish and compact design, but with plenty of space.
The perfect gift
This wallet is an ideal gift for family and friends.


Does it fit in a small bag?
Yes, this wallet is designed to fit easily into small handbags and trouser pockets.
How many cards will fit?
About 5 cards and several banknotes will fit.
Is it compatible with Android?
Yes, Tagimal Wallet is compatible with 99% of Android and IOS mobile devices.
Is there a discount code?
Yes! For the first few weeks after launch they have a 50% discount.
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